medini analyze - Functional safety

International standards like IEC 61508, ISO 26262 or DO-178B have to be applied for the analysis of functional safety. With medini analyze we offer you an integrated tool which efficiently supports you in applying those standards.

medini engineering - Tool integration and product line support

We offer process automation, work-flow support, variant management and the integration of different modeling techniques like e.g. SysML and Simulink.

unite - Configuration and change management

We provide a differences analysis for Matlab Simulink, Stateflow und TargetLink at model and diagram level. Thus an efficient collaborative work of multiple developers is enabled.


Current product versions

With medini unite 4.1.2 and medini analyze 3.1.3 we extended our medini product portfolio with many new functionalities. Please check out the product pages for more details.

If you are interested in our products you may inquire for a time-limited full-functional trial version using the request forms at the product pages.

medini analyze 3.1.3 veröffentlicht

Das neue Release bietet viele Neuheiten im Bereich Funktions- Verhaltens- und Fehlermodellierung sowie die Erhöhung der Flexibilität der FME(D)A.

Desweitern bieten wir unseren Kunden nun die Möglichkeit medini analyze mit Hilfe der Werkzeugprogrammierschnitte (API) eigenständig anzupassen.

Mehr Informationen zum neuen Release finden Sie auf den Produktseiten und im Factsheet.

ISO 26262 Training

The course is a combination of alternating in-front presentations and hands-on work and is given in English language. All practical training is done using medini analyze - ikv`s integrated tool environment for ISO 26262.

NEW: Participants have the opportunity to become "certified medini analyze safety professional". For further information and next training sessions please refer to our homepage.

Webinar Functional Safety and Variability

Attend a free webinar which will address potential synergies if variant management and functional safety are brought together presented by Jan Mauersberger software architect and product owner of medini analyze and Dr. Danilo Beuche Managing Director of pure-systems GmbH.

Please click here to watch the recording.